The Center Court warmly welcomes visitors to its website, prioritizing meaningful interactions. We respect your privacy, ensuring confidentiality of all personal information shared with us. Rest assured, your information is safeguarded and used solely for intended purposes or as required by law. When making reservations on our website, your details are securely submitted to our partners, with no distribution to third parties without your consent. Our commitment to security includes employing encryption technology and using cookies for a seamless booking experience. While we may collect aggregate site usage patterns, your privacy remains paramount. We reserve the right to revise this policy for enhanced user-friendliness. By using our website, you implicitly agree to these terms. Please note that external links may redirect you to our travel partners, with differing privacy practices.

DISCLAIMER: Electronic transmissions, including internet usage, are public media, and information shared therein is considered public. Any information arising from such usage is not considered private or personal.

Standard Terms and Conditions:

  1. No gatherings or parties allowed. The hotel reserves the right to evict additional occupants.
  2. Non-transferable reservations; no name changes permitted.
  3. No-shows subject to one night’s room charge.
  4. Guests may be sent away for misconduct, safety, or medical reasons.
  5. Guests must prioritize hotel health, safety, and security.
  6. Original proof of identity required upon arrival.
  7. Special offer terms apply.
  8. Illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
  9. Outside food and beverage not allowed.
  10. Hotel not liable for food taken off-site.
  11. Bill discrepancies will be resolved based on actual bill terms.
  12. Guests advised to safeguard valuables; hotel not responsible for loss or damage.
  13. Guests must maintain cleanliness and adhere to safety guidelines.
  14. Guests responsible for any damage to hotel property.
  15. Allergen disclaimer: Guests with food allergies should take precautions.
  16. Guests with sensitivities must notify hotel in advance.
  17. Valuables can be stored in safety deposit boxes at guest’s risk.
  18. Hotel may refuse exceptionally valuable items for storage.
  19. Hotel not responsible for valuables stored in room safety deposit boxes.
  20. Guests responsible for personal possessions.
  21. Lost property held for three months; unclaimed items disposed of or donated.
  22. Claimed items can be collected with valid ID or sent via post at guest’s expense.
  23. Hotel not responsible for vehicle or valuables in parking area.
  24. Valet parking at guest’s risk.
  25. Hotel reserves right to change terms and conditions; check website for updates.
  26. Hotel not liable for events beyond control; guest should take precautions.
  27. Airport transport provided at guest’s risk.

General Provisions:

  1. Reservation acceptance subject to hotel’s terms and conditions.
  2. Hotel may cancel reservations with falsified or incomplete information.
  3. Guests permit profiling for hospitality services.
  4. Hotel may vary terms and conditions without notice.
  5. Guests indemnify hotel for any liabilities.
  6. Hotel not liable for losses due to reservation cancellation.
  7. Contract between guest and hotel only upon acceptance of reservation.
  8. Hotel not liable for failure to comply with conditions beyond its control.
  9. Guest responsible for all charges incurred on website.
  10. Guest indemnifies hotel for actions during stay.
  11. Guest must be free from contagious diseases during stay.
  12. Disputes subject to jurisdiction of hotel’s location.